Posted by: The Busy Post | June 15, 2012

Obama and the Time Machine –

For a minute there, we thought we had traveled in time to 2013. We turned on the TV at 1:45 p.m. ET to watch President Obama’s big economic speech, and there was President Romney instead. But it turned out Obama was just late, so that Candidate Romney took the opportunity to go first.

Obama seemed to think he had gone back in time to 2008. As everyone expected, he spent much of the speech blaming George W. Bush for America’s economic troubles. Presumably he took encouragement from a new Gallup poll released this morning: “Americans continue to place more blame for the nation’s economic problems on George W. Bush than on Barack Obama, even though Bush left office more than three years ago.”

Gallup finds that 68% blame Bush either “a great deal” or “a moderate amount,” while 32% blame him either “not much” or “not at all.” For Obama the numbers are 52% and 48%, respectively.

Here’s the bad news for Obama: A majority of Americans–52%–blame him “a great deal” or “a moderate amount” for the nation’s economic problems. Among independents, the figure is 51% (vs. 67% for Bush). You can see why Obama wants to run against Bush, but Bush isn’t running against Obama. And Gallup inexplicably didn’t ask respondents how much they blame Romney.

Yesterday Obama offered what the New York Times calls a “fresh metaphor” for the Bush-blaming:

Appearing before 500 cheering fans at a fund-raiser at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore on Tuesday, President Obama offered up a critique of his Republican opponents certain to strike a chord with anyone who had ever gotten stuck with the bill for an expensive restaurant.

When Mitt Romney and other Republicans carp about the dismal economy without mentioning that Mr. Obama inherited a $1 trillion deficit from his Republican predecessor, “it’s like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff,” Mr. Obama said, winding up to his punch line as his audience tittered. “And then, just as you’re sitting down, they leave, and accuse you of running up the tab!”

“That’s what they do!” the president said, as the Democratic Party faithful crammed into the ballroom applauded, hooted and hollered. “I am not making this up!”

That’s certainly a head-scratcher. At what restaurant do diners compete to take responsibility for paying other diners’ bills?

The Wall Street Journal quotes an Obama speech from a day earlier:

“And so the question in this election is going to be: Whose vision is more likely to create that basic bargain, to affirm that basic bargain that made America the economic superpower and the greatest country on Earth?” Mr. Obama told donors Tuesday in Philadelphia. “And that bargain says that if you work hard in this country–regardless of what you look like, where you come from, what faith you hold, who you love–that you can make it if you try.”

“You can make it if you try.” We’re not sure if he got that refrain from the Rolling Stones (“Remember my friend / Everybody can’t win / ‘Cause you know sometime, sometime / You got to lose”) or Sly and the Family Stone (“You’ll get what’s due to you / Everything coming to you”), but either song seems to fit.


Bill Clinton has been subtly undermining Obama for months, and USA Today notes that in 2010 Clinton gave a speech at Cleveland’s Cuyahoga Community College–the same place where Obama spoke this afternoon–in which he said: “The Democrats are saying something like this: ‘We found a big hole that we did not dig. We didn’t get it filled in 21 months, but at least we quit digging. Give us two more years. If it doesn’t work, vote us out.’ ”

As blogger Ed Morrissey observes, it appears Clinton actually does have a time machine.

‘It’s Like Somebody Goes to a Restaurant, Orders a Big Steak Dinner, . . . They Leave, and Accuse You of Running Up the Tab!’
“Man Critical After Being Charged by Irate Bull”–headline, TVNZ (New Zealand) website, June 14

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  1. Good one. I’m all for taking the shovel out of the big-digger’s hand. When he says, “I’m not making this up”… he’s making it up. “That’s just bad — that’s not being fiscally conservative. And so we’re going to have to change our policies.
    “Now, it’s going to be — let me say this. It’s not going to be completely easy, because we’re in a hole. And the first thing you do when you’re in a hole is what?”
    (UNKNOWN): Stop digging.
    “ Stop digging. Who got that right? There you go. You stop digging.
    So the first thing that we’re going to have to do is to stop adding to our deficit.”

    No, not Romney. That’s Obama in ‘08.

    • I can’t even picture Barry with a shovel in his hands. But, I’m sure Moochie had him out there digging holes in the WH garden.

      Speaking of Time Machines….Remember the press making fun of Bush’s speeches?

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