Posted by: The Busy Post | August 6, 2012

Department of Homeland Security has gone above and beyond on their war materiel list

Once again folks, it would seem that the Department of Homeland Security has gone above and beyond on their war materiel list. At first, the purchase order for .40 S&W ammo in the millions was absurd and yet it was divined what the true purpose of the ordering of that ammo was for. To be used in civil disturbances in America. Next on the list is the purchasing of riot gear, another necessity in the use of quelling a civil disturbance. One would think that DHS would stop promoting their agenda so brazenly and thinking in their hubris that the American people will just simply roll over for them when the time comes to confiscate all weapons. However, what I recently discovered this evening is surely the height of hubris and how foul their plans are for those that dare to resist them. The purchase of an unknown quantity of explosives! Yes, that’s right…explosives.

The explosives in question is Prima Sheet 1000 and Prima Sheet 2000. The 1000 variant is PETN based, while the 2000 variant is RDX. Here’s the link to the information: Props are given to Steve Quayle at his site at, for the releasing of this information. Here’s the link to both his site and the site of the investigator that had discovered this. As a Marine Veteran, I find this new found piece of intelligence to be most disturbing. The application for such explosives are both logical and simple: To breach the property of unwitting gun owner”s that are on their list to contain and/or apprehend both the gun owner and/or his/her family and to take by the legally owned firearms through brutal shock and awe. It’s the seamless application of modern warfare taken to the next level. Could I be wrong in my interpretation of why DHS needs these explosives? Doubtful. You all must read up on this article and follow it to its most logical conclusion. Heaven forbid, that should the S.H.T.F. these open sourced items will be utilized to their tactical effectiveness in helping DHS and in no small part, the Globalist Engineers achieve their mission goals, which is the complete and systematic disarmament of all U.S. citizens. The pacification of all resistance in the United States of America.

Should you be afraid? Yes. You as freedom and liberty loving citizens should also be equally angry. Voice your concerns to your Congressional and Senatorial representatives and tell them that you all demand accountability for this. Ask them what the true purpose of these purchases are and should you get the runaround and the “we’re too busy to assist you” spiel, remember what you read here and heard from Alex and his Crew of InfoWarriors and the other like-minded independent sources online out there and get yourselves ready. Soon we will all hear when the bell tolls and you had all better have your duck in a row. Be peaceful. Speak out over this. Do not be brazen in ignorant actions nor filled with criminal intent to cause undue harm. Remember, we are the Old Republic and yes, I use that term because we have been co-opted and infiltrated. No sense in denying it. As citizens of the Old Republic, we do not start fights, but once one comes our way we must finish it. To stand against the darkness in all its forms is the highest level of physical, spiritual, and mental  vigilance.

Stay frosty folks. May the Holy Spirit of the Lord be upon us all and may His mercy shine down on us and grant us discernment to see through the veil of evil from those that continue to Deceive. Inveigle. Obfuscate.

Be safe all.



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