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Working Hard? – Obama holds 200th funsraiser!


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Working Hard?

Today, Obama Will Attend His 200th Fundraiser

Obama: “I Told You … I Would Wake Up Every Single Day, Every Single Day And Spend Every Waking Hour Thinking About You.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks At A Campaign Event, Jacksonville, FL, 7/19/12)


After Tonight’s Events, Obama Will Have Attended 204 Reelection Fundraisers Since Officially Filing His Candidacy For Reelection On April 4, 2011.  (CBS’ Mark Knoller, Twitter Feed, Accessed 8/7/12; Dana Davidsen, “Obama Heads Home To Raise Campaign Cash,” CNN, 8/10/12)

  • Obama Has Reached His 200th Fundraiser Just 164 Days After Attending His 100th Fundraiser On March 1.  (CBS’ Mark Knoller, Twitter Feed, 2/28/12; CBS’ Mark Knoller, Twitter Feed, Accessed 8/7/12; Lynn Sweet, “Obama In Chicago Sunday: Bridgeport Art Center Fund-Raiser,” The Chicago Sun-Times“The Scoop From Washington,”8/8/12)

“Compared With His Four Most Recent Predecessors, Obama Is Shattering Records For Time Spent On The Money Trail.” (Michael Falcone and Devin Dwyer, “Romney Campaign Outraises Obama By $16.8 Million In May,” ABC News, 6/7/12)

  • Over The Course Of Bush’s Entire Reelection Campaign, He Attended A Total Of 97 Fundraisers. “According to CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, the unofficial keeper of White House statistics, Bush at this point of his reelection campaign had attended 49 fundraisers. And over Bush’s whole reelection campaign, from May 2003-November 2004, he attended a total of 97 fundraisers, of which 57 were for his Bush-Cheney reelection campaign and the rest for the Republican National Committee.” (Paul Bedard, “Obama’s Numbers: Vacations 16, Golf 90, Fundraisers 100,” Washington Examiner , 3/1/12)
  • “It’s A Sign Of How Fierce The Money Race Is That Mr. Obama Spends About As Much Time On The Fundraising Circuit As On The Campaign Trail.”  (Nancy Cordes, “Obama Camp Cash Bind Deepens,” CBS News, 8/7/12)

This Weekend, Obama Will Attend A “Series Of Five High-Dollar Fundraisers” For His Campaign. “President Obama will head home to Chicago over the weekend for a series of five high-dollar fundraisers for the Obama Victory Fund, according to a campaign official.”(Dana Davidsen, “Obama Heads Home To Raise Campaign Cash,” CNN, 8/10/12)

  • “On Sunday, Obama Will Head Back To His Old Stomping Grounds In Hyde Park, Holding A Fundraiser In His Own Home. Tickets For This Event Will Cost $40,000 Per Attendee.”  (Dana Davidsen, “Obama Heads Home To Raise Campaign Cash,” CNN, 8/10/12)
  • Obama Then Jets Off To Four Additional Fundraisers.  “Obama will also attend what the campaign calls a small round table, which also has a ticket price of $40,000 per person. Then, he will attend a Gen44 reception at the Bridgeport Arts Center. After the fundraiser at Obama’s Chicago home, the president will attend another event in Hyde Park at a private residence where tickets start at $5,000 per person. Finally, Obama will speak at another private residence in the evening. Tickets for this event will cost $1,000 per person.” (Dana Davidsen, “Obama Heads Home To Raise Campaign Cash,” CNN, 8/10/12)


Since Announcing His Bid For Reelection, The Obamas Have Attended 32 Celebrity Fundraisers Featuring Actors, Producers, Or Singers. “Based on an analysis of the president’s calendar and news reports, President Obama and/or First Lady Michelle Obama have attended 32 fundraisers featuring Hollywood actors, producers, or singers for his re-election campaign. This list does not include Obama’s campaign surrogates or White House staffers that have hosted or attended fundraisers with celebrities on the President’s behalf, nor does it include the president’s campaign fundraisers featuring pro-athletes.” (Charlie Spierling, “Celebrity Power Couple: Obama Has Attended 32 Celebrity Fundraisers For Re-Election Campaign,” Washington Examiner , 8/7/12)

Needing To Boost His Donor Base And Campaign Cash, Obama Is Banking On Elite Entertainers For Help So Often They Have Essentially Become A Cast Of Characters In His Campaign.” “It will be Sarah Jessica Parker’s house, but President Barack Obama’s show. You could call it ‘Checks and the City.’ Needing to boost his donor base and campaign cash, Obama is banking on elite entertainers for help so often they have essentially become a cast of characters in his campaign.” (Ben Feller, “In Search For Cash, Obama’s Keep An A-List Cast,” The Associated Press, 6/14/12)

  • Obama “Is Using His Hollywood Access And Raffling It Off As A Prize To Others, Tapping Into A Nation That Revels In Celebrity Even In Hard Economic Times.”  “He is using his Hollywood access and raffling it off as a prize to others, tapping into a nation that revels in celebrity even in hard economic times. Obama’s big-name tour makes its next stop on Thursday at Parker’s place in the West Village of New York City. The ‘Sex and the City’ star, who is married to fellow actor Matthew Broderick, is hosting a cozy $40,000-per-person fundraiser along with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.” (Ben Feller, “In Search For Cash, Obama’s Keep An A-List Cast,” The Associated Press, 6/14/12)

 “From Tinseltown To Broadway, Obama Has Surrounded Himself With Blockbuster Names Lately: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Spike Lee, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Cher And Many Others Who Make More In One Year That Most People Do In A Lifetime.” (Ben Feller, “In Search For Cash, Obama’s Keep An A-List Cast,” The Associated Press, 6/14/12)

Obama Has “Aggressively Employed Star Power To Open Pocketbooks, Build Buzz And, Perhaps Most Notably, Deploy Celebrities To Target Specific Constituencies.”  “If Obama was the candidate of cool in 2008, when celebrities such as musician Will.I.Am produced viral campaign videos , he has even more aggressively employed star power to open pocketbooks, build buzz and, perhaps most notably, deploy celebrities to target specific constituencies.” (David Nakamura, “GOP Attacks Celebrity Support For Obama,” The Washington Post, 6/4/12)

Some Of Obama’s Celebrity Supporters Worry His Reliance On Hollywood Will Backfire

Some Of Obama’s “Most Ardent Entertainment Industry Supporters” Worry That His “Increasing Reliance On Stars And Celebrity Contests Could Backfire With Swing Voters.” “Some of the president’s most ardent entertainment industry supporters quietly tell The Hollywood Reporter that while they realize he needs to deploy all of his weapons to compete with deep-pocketed Republican super PACs, they fear the increasing reliance on stars and celebrity contests could backfire with swing voters and mobilize the right.” (Tina Daunt, “Obama Celebrity Fundraiser Barrage Worries Some In Hollywood,” The Hollywood Reporter, 6/21/12)

 Critics Feared Obama’s Fundraiser With Sarah Jessica Parker And Anna Wintour “Risked Creating The Impression Of An Elitist, Out-Of-Touch Candidate In A Period Of Ongoing Distress And Growing Economic Inequality.”  “Reaction was particularly strong to the $40,000-a-plate dinner co-hosted June 14 by Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogue editor Anna Wintour with guests including Meryl Streep, Aretha Franklin and Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Critics say the tony, heavily promoted event­ — Parker sent an e-mail to supporters promising the evening would be ‘fabulous,’ and Wintour posted a video online urging supporters to enter a lottery for two tickets — risked creating the impression of an elitist, out-of-touch candidate in a period of ongoing distress and growing economic inequality.” (Tina Daunt, “Obama Celebrity Fundraiser Barrage Worries Some In Hollywood,” The Hollywood Reporter, 6/21/12)

  •  A Veteran Hollywood Exec: “He’s Supposed To Be A Man Of The People, And He’s Hanging Out With Anna Wintour? Is He Trying To Turn The Election Into A Celebrity Reality Show?”  “‘It’s a mistake,’ a veteran Hollywood exec says flatly of the event, which the Drudge Report headlined ‘Checks in the City.’ The exec adds: ‘He’s supposed to be a man of the people, and he’s hanging out with Anna Wintour? Is he trying to turn the election into a celebrity reality show?’” (Tina Daunt, “Obama Celebrity Fundraiser Barrage Worries Some In Hollywood,” The Hollywood Reporter, 6/21/12)

via Working Hard? – GOP.


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