Posted by: The Busy Post | September 17, 2012

David Frum: Romney is losing because he doesn’t pander enough



  1. Well, Im off to the gym. Have to say, you are the only one that has conversed with me online.

    I feel for you–having to work with a bunch of women. Like having a nervous breakdown for 8 hours.
    They are the WORST in powerful positions.
    Just be quiet, tell them you are shy.
    Dont engage in what they are talking about–AT ALL.

    Man, you office is all women!!! TERRIBLE!
    I’ll be fasting and praying for you ALL DAY LONG LOL


  2. __I have always said what I really feel. Just because this is the net means nothing. Of course I dont have many friends 😀

    • I hope you consider me a friend.

      • I usually get along with men.
        Women dont like me at all.
        I am a male chauvinist 😀
        I think women in office is a HUGE mistake.

      • You should see where I just started working! It is literally 10 women to every man. About 80 emps in the office.

  3. I am off to eat din-din.
    Tell the bearcats I LOVE EM!! (I mean the cute animal bearcats)

  4. Well…U see how much I know..

    Yep, they ARE left!

    I cant stand the REPUBs, they are so icky and whiney little liberal morons.
    Fox news makes me the angriest b/c they offer NO opposition!!

    I had some dream last night. America was torn apart. I finally saw a bunch of MEN with upside down American flags…I could not believe that I was happy to see that.

    Horrible dream.. I cant remember the details. God gives me dreams about what is coming. I see out once great nation fallen.
    It makes me sick and sad.

    You know my Dad is Seneca/Iroquois? My mom is the Jew (Portuguese). My father is a born again Christian. Watching my own indigenous land turned over to a bunch of radical leftists with Eastern European Socialism/Communism ‘ideals’ is enough to drive me friggin insane every damned day.

    • My ancestors were the witnesses to Abraham Lincoln’s parents wedding. I’m only 1/64th native American. (my Uncle researched our family tree back to 900 A.D.)

      I know how it feels to see the light being dimmed on the shining city on the hill.

      • Its all terribly sad.
        Just awful.
        These leftist pigs have destroyed our country, and I am so finished with them and their counterparts; Rag-heads.

        I pray that God lets them all starve to death when the fallen America comes.

        Even if I am starving as well–my eyes, God willing will see their end.

      • I’m glad to see you’re coming out of your shell about how you feel!

  5. Nope, in AZ. All RED 😀
    I am not a Repub anymore, I am Indep-Conservative.
    Home of Sheriff Joe

    • I’m in Ohio….every commercial break has 2 Presidential ads and 2 Senate ads…..urgh! How would you like to constantly see Barryand Sherrod Brown?

      I think I know more people in AZ now than in OH.

      • I would shoot the TV.
        I HATE Obama and Sherrod Brown is going to get elected?
        OH must have a bunch of dumb libs that moved there to sway the election.
        I friggin HATE leftists.

      • Brown was a Rep for 14 years and is currently the incumbent Senator. He is running against a 34 year old Tea Party favorite; Josh Mandel. All of the Libs in Ohio are around Cleveland. Where I live we primaried out our Rep because she (Jean Schmidt) was too much of an establishment Republican. Repubs are too far left for me. But thats the party we have to take over.

  6. Romney has 3 good points that Obama does not possess:
    1. American
    2. A person of a sect of Christianity
    3. Good looking & WHITE.

    At this point, that is all that is necessary.

    • Obama believes that America needs to be ‘fundamentally transformed’, Romney does not. That’s all I need to know.

      • Exactly, and amen, Bearcat 😀

      • Do you live in a swing state?

  7. Left wing Jew scumbag.

    • Coming from a Jew…..I don’t know where I’m going with that!

      • Well….!!! Look at this morons posts.
        I am not a Romney fan, he is not far right enough for me..
        Frum is a jerk.
        He should go move to Israel.

      • This is the best of the worst ‘into a dog-whistling culture warrior’. Which candidate uses the race card? Class warfare?

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