Posted by: The Busy Post | September 25, 2012

A letter from a soldier – Atlas Shrugs

A letter from a soldier

Dear Ms. Geller:

I am in the Army so I’m not Allowed by the military to publicly support political movements, and I’m certainly not allowed to say anything about our President in public (remember the Marine who suffered a court martial and discharge for speaking out against Obama on his FB?). However, I wanted you to know I am amazed, and uplifted, by your fight.

In college paper on on the Muslim Culture. I read the Qoran and writings from dozens of Islamic authors, male and female. From that day forward I tried, in vain, to tell my family and friends of the threat Muslims around the world posed to our Freedom, that they have an agenda to take over the world by any means necessary and that a war was coming. Everyone poo-poohed me and my predictions. I was being Islamiphobic and racist. My reply was always, “We’ll be at war with Islam soon. When it happens, no matter the outcome, the only reason I’ll ever put on a burqa is to hide my guns under it.” People looked at me with dismay, discomfort and sometimes amusement. I was Cassandra screaming in the streets and no one believed me.

On Sept 11, 2001 the very thing I predicted came true. When I turned on the television and saw the World Trade Center on fire, and heard reports of a plane crashing into the building, I turned to the person next to me and said, “That’s no accident. This is a terrorist attack”. And several moments later, another plane plowed into the building as we watched.

I don’t like being right. Mostly, I don’t like having to keep my views on Muslims to myself. However, with my career, I have no choice. I have since joined the Army and deployed to Afghanistan; I have learned to speak both Dari and Pashto; I have walked the fields of the Arghandab River Valley and the Hindu Kush; I have eaten with many Afghanis from every walk of life and career, from ANA/ALP commanders to interpreters to truck drivers. And please believe me when I say, WE NEED YOU TO KEEP FIGHTING MORE THAN EVER! We need you to lead the fight against Islamic Extremism. We need You to be the voice of reason and Freedom in America to stop this tide!

Thank you for speaking out and speaking for those of us who cannot. Thank you for being a defender of Freedom and the Bill of Rights. Please keep up your efforts! Those of us who cannot join you now on television, or post our names, are still with you. We will fight on a different front, and soon I think. We will fight in the streets and on the hills and in the valleys, but we will fight. We will not fight with words but with our training, our weapons and our hearts. To the very end. No matter the cost. We will defend the freedom of Americans to our last breath.

A soldier


via A letter from a soldier – Atlas Shrugs.

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